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Task Edit Warning

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Tasks are often shared between Maintenance Items e.g. Main Engine No.2 Fuel Injector - Change would be shared with all the other injectors on that engine and the No.1 engine if it were the same model.  When editing a Task that is shared, a Warning screen will open similar to this below:





When the respective item above is tapped, a pop-up will provide options to select based on the above criteria





Continue With Edit:

When selected the normal Edit screen will open to allow for editing for all the items shown in the Task Edit Warning screen.


Assign a New Task:

When selected a copy of the original Task will be made, then automatically assigned for you to the item you original tapped in the Task Edit Warning screen,


Re-Assign to Existing Task:

When selected, an Assign Existing Task dialogue screen will open.

Follow the on screen instructions.





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