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Home --> Maintenance --> Documents --> Upload --> Vessel --> System --> Sub System --> Maintenance Item --> File Upload

Home --> Maintenance --> Work Orders --> WO Close --> Upload


Support documentation in Easy PMS is used to give the users additional information relative to the Maintenance Item.  This could include one or all of the following:


Service Letter - normally issue by the equipment manufacturer

Service Report - normally issued by a contractor

Calibration Reports - normally recorded on-board by staff or contractors

Company Forms - as issued by the vessel owners/managers

Parts & Drawings - normally supplied by the equipment manufacturer

Miscellaneous - this is for a user to alert other users of issues pertaining to maintenance of the selected item


Upload of documents in Easy PMS Mobile is only for documents with. jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tiff or bmp filename extensions.  Documents not in this format require be scanned into these formats.

These documents are stored in the database as data, as distinct from links. By using the aforementioned formats, no additional software is required on viewing devices and file size and download time are significantly reduced. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1MB.


Experience dictates quality and size is best achieved scanning at 300 DPI in Black & White in png file format.




Depending on which version of Easy PMS Mobile, uploading a Service Report can be achieved when closing a Work Order as below



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