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Home --> Maintenance --> Utilities  --> Ctrs Edit --> Add


The Towline recording feature primary use is for the tracking of the usage of the Mainline and the Pennant in order that they are renewed in a timely manner. This is based on the amount of tows the lines are used for.


The Towline counter is used to schedule the Main Line and Pennant changes.


First, setup a counter as follows:

Home --> Maintenance --> Utilities  --> Ctrs Edit --> Add


Select Vessel from drop-down list

In the Equipment Title box enter 'Towline Jobs' (Note: must be 'Towline Jobs', nothing else)

Counter/Day Estimate to be a rough average of jobs per day



Secondly, two maintenance items need to be setup for the Main Towline renewal and the Penant renewal.


see New Maintenance Item on how to add the Main Towline and Penant.

The Schedule Type will be 'Counter' and the 'Equipment Counter' selected will need be 'Towline Jobs'









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