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Tasks Due

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Home --> Maintenance --> Tasks Due --> select a 'Tasks Due by Date' (default is today) --> Search


When the Tasks Due screen opens, if the format is tabular, the sort order can be toggled by tapping on the respective column header.


In tabular format, the Tasks Due are displayed in rows.  Days to next overhaul (displayed under 'Days' column heading), counters to next overhaul (displayed under 'Ctrs' column heading) and fuel to next overhaul (displayed under 'FO' column heading) display the current status, regardless of the date selected in the 'Due By Date Select' box.  A red negative numeral is an indication that an item is overdue by that amount at the date of the search (now). The accuracy of the maintenance due is dependent on the age of the counters (i.e. when the counters were last read).  If the counters are aged more than 7 days, a notification will be displayed in the row below the 'Due By Date Select Box'. Between counter readings, the program calculates the average hours to use in the Maintenance Due calculation.  For accuracy, it is important that the counters are regularly updated.


A maintenance item displaying positive numerals would be an indication that the item is due by the selected date, based on an average calculation as there is a gap between when the respective counter was last read and the 'Due by Date Select' date.


By tapping the Search icon and entering a search criteria, the Tasks Due can also be filtered.


Tap a row to select the Item to view the relative Task.









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