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Temporary Change

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Assuming the Towline is made up of a Main Line and a Pennant.  A Pennant is used in the following example


In the unlikely situation where one of the lines making up the Towline needs to be replaced temporarily for some reason and the original fitted back at a later date,  affecting and recording this change is as follows:


Raise a Work Order (Home --> Maintenance --> Tasks --> select Vessel --> Deck Machinery --> Towlines --> Towline Pennant - Renew --> WO Raise)

Once the Pennant is changed, when closing the Work Order note that the Pennant has been renewed and record the new/exchange Pennant certificate number in 'Description of Work Completed'. The current Towline counter at the change is also to be recorded when closing this Work Order in the 'Counter At Ohaul' box.  This counter reading is important as it is used when it is again fitted back later.

In the future, when fitting back the repaired Pennant, another Work Order is again raised and closed in the usual manner except for the 'Counter at Ohaul'.  The Towline counter has moved on and the repaired Pennant 'Counter at Ohaul' requires to be adjusted to accommodate this as follows:


          Counter at Ohaul (to be entered when closing the Work Order) = Current Towline Counter - ( 'Counter at Ohaul' when Pennant being fitted was changed/removed - 'Counter at Ohaul' when Pennant was changed/removed on the previous occasion to that)





Current Towline Counter




Counter at Ohaul when Pennant Last Changed          




Counter at Ohaul when Pennant Changed occasion before the last




Counter at Ohaul (now)


22345-(22340 - 22100) = 22105


The above calculation takes into account the fact that the Pennant has already had use and its lifespan is reduced accordingly when fitted back by changing the 'Counter at Ohaul'.





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