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Scheduled Change

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The Towline is normally made up of a Main Line and a Pennant.  A Pennant is used in the following example


Normal Scheduled Towline Change

When the Towline counter reaches the scheduled Pennant counter reading for change, the Pennant change required will be flagged when checking the Tasks due (Home --> Maintenance --> Tasks Due).  A Work Order is raised in the normal manner.  Once the Pennant is changed, when closing the Work Order note that the Pennant has been renewed and record the new Pennant certificate number in 'Description of Work Completed'. The Towline counter at the change is also to be recorded when closing this Work Order in the 'Counter At Ohaul' box.


Effectively what is achieved when closing the Work Order is that the Pennant counter since last change is reset to 0, The Main Line counter since last change stays exactly the same.  When the Towline counter is next increased, the Main Line and the Pennant counters since last change will be increased accordingly.




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