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Home Screen

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After logging in, the Home screen opens for navigation to other areas.


At the top of nearly every screen is a small navigation glyph which gives quick access to the Maintenance and Counter screens.




At the bottom of nearly every screen is a set of icons similar to below



In essence, should the user want to navigate back, the Back icon will always be on the left alongside the Help icon.  Similarly for the Log Out, it will always be on the right alongside the Home icon. When the Easy PMS Help icon is tapped, it will open the Help Menu to the most relevant page for the current screen.  The user can also then search for any other information of interest.

Any additional icons are always located between the Help and Home icons as below.



The Support icon, when tapped will open to a screen with Easy PMS support email address among the contacts.

Tap the support link and enter the support request to send the email directly.


The Log Out icon is again quite self explanatory.  However, it should be noted that it is most important to log out as your login name is persisted in the program until you log out, and/or the session times out.  If another user then restarts the Easy PMS program on the same computer, it is possible that the next user can continue using the Easy PMS program logged in using the original users name.


On the Home screen, click the 'Maintenance' tile to view the 'Maintenance' screen.


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