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Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Tasks Add/Edit


Adding a Maintenance Task is a relatively simple procedure.


The Task Identity is critical in being able to locate it in the future.  Ideally, the manufacturer's name and equipment model number should be the first words in the title.  e.g. Caterpillar 3406E & C15 - Service 500 or 1 Year would be an ideal title as distinct from No.1 Aux Generator 500 Hour Service or 1 Year.  Another good example would be 'Anchor / Towing Winch - Electrical Repairs'.


Adding a new Reference Manual could require increased permission level.

When adding a new Reference Manual, the title should be exactly the same as that of the Reference Manual. see Add / Edit or Delete Reference Manual


When entering the Special Instructions, it is critical to enter these as in the manufacturers manual.  There should be no deviation from the manufacturers manual. Should a deviation from the manufacturers instructions be required, this can be carried out at a later stage where the required changes and approvals will then be recorded in the Easy PMS audit trail.


An alternate to changing the manufacturers instructions is to add/assign a Miscellaneous Note recording a different approach to the task

Home --> Maintenance --> Documents --> Upload --> tap Vessel --> tap System --> tapSub System --> tap Maintenance Item --> tap category --> enter document title --> browse for scanned document with instructions --> tap Save.


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