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New Maintenance Item

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Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Item Add


Entering a new Item requires planning as follows:


Which System does the new Item belong to

Which Sub System does the new Item belong to

The best title for the new Item

The new Item location

The identification Code to use

Its Schedule Type

Part of Critical Equipment?

Is a Certificate?

Is a Minor Certificate?

Should the new Item have permission to be deferred?

Is the Maintenance Item to be included in Office Reporting (if available)

What are the relative Classification Society requirements?

What task to assign to the new Maintenance Item?



New System & Sub System:

It is recommended that where possible to use the existing System and Sub System.  If there is a need to add a new System of Sub System, this easily achieved as follows: Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Systems or Sub Systems as required(see naming convention below)



New Item:

Naming the new Item is important in that it should be read in conjunction with the System name so as to convey to the user exactly what the Maintenance Item is.

Following is an acceptable Maintenance Item title:


System - Main Engine No.2

Sub System - Cylinder Head Overhaul

Maintenance Item - Cyl Head No.3 Overhaul


This would read in most screens as follows: Main Engine No.2 Cylinder Head No.3 Overhaul.


Note how the identification numbers follow as distinct from lead the Maintenance Item.  The reason for this is to allow the user to sort individual displayed columns on the screen.  If the System was named No.5 Main Engine, when a column was sorted by the user the sort order could be something like -



Best Naming Convention

No.4 Auxiliary Generator

Auxiliary Generator No.4

No.4 Main Engine

Auxiliary Generator No.5

No.4 Switchboard

Auxiliary Generator No.6

No.5 Auxiliary Generator

Main Engine No.4

No.5 Main Engine

Main Engine No.5

No.5 Switchboard

Main Engine No.6

No.6 Auxiliary Generator

Switchboard No.1

No.6 Main Engine

Switchboard No.2

No.6 Switchboard

Switchboard No.3



Similarly in the marine environment this applies to the use of Port and Stbd, Fwd and Aft.



Code Name:


The Code Name is also used for sorting and it is critical to ensure that the Code Name is unique (only the one).

The Code is made up of 11 characters in example as follows:




MTF - Vessel abbreviation (in this case Motor Tanker Fancy)

ME - System Main Engine

02 - Equipment Number (in this case No.2 Main Engine)

05 - Grouping in Sub System (in this case No.2 Main Engine Cylinder Head Overhaul)

03 - Position in the maintenance item list for (in this case No.2 Main Engine - Cylinder Head Overhaul - Cylinder Head No.3 Overhaul)


MTFME020503 - Motor Tanker Fancy - Main Engine - No.2 - Cylinder Head Overhaul - Cylinder Head No.3 Overhaul


There is a large degree of flexibility when originally setting up, as long as the groupings are correct.  When adding a new item, where possible it is best to follow the existing pattern and where possible add at the end of a grouping.



Schedule Type:


The schedule Type is selected in accordance with the Manufacturers instructions.  Depending on the Schedule Type selected, the appropriate fields will be visible for the data required to support the Schedule Type selected.


If a weekly schedule is required, the following table gives the monthly equivalents:
























Equipment Counter:


If the new Item requires a new piece of equipment to be entered to record a counter, see Counter Equipment Add.



Critical Equipment:


If the new Item is part of equipment designated as Critical, set the slider to Yes.  This flags the item as Critical in the Tasks Due screen.



Is Certificate & Is Minor Certificate:


The new Item, if a certificate or requires a certificate, can only be listed as either a Certificate or Minor Certificate by setting the respective slider to Yes.

If listed as a Certificate or Minor Certificate, the Item is included in a separate Certificate screen.  If the Certificate has an expiry date, it will still be displayed in the Tasks Due screen as required.


For guidance, a Certificate can include Statutory Certificates, Registration Certificates etc.  Minor Certificates could include Chain Block test certificates, Life-raft certificates etc 

Depending on the amount of certificates, it is often easier and more convenient to list all certificates, including Minor Certificates, as Certificates.  The Minor Certificates can be given a different System Number as follows: 


Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate


Cargo ship Radio Certificate


Life-raft Certificate


Chain Blocks Certificate




Again, there is some flexibility as to how Certificates are setup. see Certificate Status


The Certificates and Minor Certificates are also included in the Tasks Due screen data. see Tasks Due



Allow Defer:


Deferring of Items, whilst not ideal, is often required due to operational conditions.  When an Item is deferred, this Item will not be included in the Tasks Due screen until the defer to date expires. 

Items flagged as Critical are unable to be flagged for deferring.



Include In Office Report:


Depending on version of Easy PMS installed, printing of superfluous maintenance items in reports could be limited by not checking the 'Include In Office Report' check-box.

Easy PMS Mobile is a paperless software package.





Survey codes, dates and ranges are furnished by the relative Classification Society.

Depending on the Classification Society and the current on-board qualifications, the Chief Engineer could be accredited for carrying out surveys for a Continuous Survey Machinery (CSM) program.  In some instances, the requirement of a Classification Surveyor for the equipment inspection is rotated alternately.  A provision for this is the 'Surveyor Required' slider.





A relative Task can be selected from the drop-down list.  A new task can be added as follows: Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Tasks Add/Edit




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