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Counter Equipment Add

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New Equipment Counters are added from the Counter screen.  An increased permission level could be required.


Counters can also be accessed from any screen by tapping on the glyph next to the screen heading as below:




If the user has the appropriate level of permission, an Add (+) icon should be visible in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Tap this icon and the 'New Counter' dialog screen will open.


Select a vessel from the drop down list.

Enter the equipment name from which the counter is going to be read.  The sort order when updating the counters is by vessel and then equipment.

It is important when entering the equipment name to remember the sort order.


Experience dictates that entries should be as follows:


Main Engine No.1

Main Engine No.2

Aux Generator No.2

Aux Generator No.1


Above will give a sort order as follows:


MV Fancy Aux Generator No.1

MV Fancy Aux Generator No.2

MV Fancy Main Engine No.1

MV Fancy Main Engine No.2


However, entries as follows will give a very different and incorrect sort order:


No.1 Main Engine

No.2 Main Engine

No.1 Aux Generator

No.2 Aux Generator


Above will give a sort order as follows:


MV Fancy No.1 Aux Generator

MV Fancy No.1 Main Engine

MV Fancy No.2 Aux Generator

MV Fancy No.2 Main Engine



Counter and Fuel / Day Estimates are important as they are used in the average calculation for Maintenance Due predictions.

After saving the 'New Counter', refresh the Counter screen to check that the new entry is in the correct position/order.



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