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Codes Assigned

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The codes assigned are usually required when a new maintenance item is being added to the Easy PMS program so as to avoid a duplicate code and also to ensure it is in the correct position.


The Code Name is made up of  11 characters as follows:


First 3 are letters and identify the vessel: e.g.  RYB (this code is given for each individual vessel separately)

The following 2 letters identify the equipment: e.g. ME

The following 2 numbers identify the equipment/system no: 02

The following 2 numbers identify the sub system: 04

The following 2 numbers identify the maintenance item: 04


For example a Code like DSSME020404 could be interpreted as | Dan Super Servant | Main Engine | No.2 | Piston Overhaul | No.4 Unit Piston Overhaul |


Other than identifying a maintenance item, the Code is also used for a sort order for maintenance items displayed on the screen.


Vessel name, System and sub System are required to view the other relative Maintenance Items to which a new Code is to be assigned.


When entering a new maintenance item, you are only required to enter the last 8 characters.  The first 3 characters are added automatically from the abbreviation assigned when the vessels name was originally entered and is added to the Code Name when the new maintenance item is saved.


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