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Maintenance Tasks Approve

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Home --> Utilities --> Tasks Approve --> select task


On tapping the 'Tasks Approve' tile, the screen displayed will show only the Tasks that have been edited and require approval.


When the Maintenance Tasks are originally entered into the Easy PMS program, the instructions are taken, where possible, directly from the manufacturers' equipment manuals.  In some circumstances these instructions might not be completely relevant to the equipment fitted.  A user with relevant permissions can edit the instructions.  When the instructions are edited, the item will require review and approval which is effected on this page.  The reviewer can check what was changed by selecting the task then clicking the Audit Trail button. If there is no Audit Trail, then it can be assumed that the selected has not been changed since installation of the Easy PMS program.  However, diligent review of the task should still be undertaken to confirm that the original data entered is correct.



How to recognise a Task that requires approval:


When raising or closing a Work Order from the Task screen, with the Task tab selected (at the top and the screen opens on this tab by default), at the bottom right of the screen (scroll down if not visible) the 'Approved By' field showing 'To be approved' will indicate that the Task requires approval:



Be aware, that when the 'Edit Task' screen is opened, the 'Approved' slider will automatically flag 'No'.  Should you 'Discard' rather than 'Save' to exit the screen, the 'Approved' status will return to its original status,  either 'Yes' or No', what ever that might have been prior to opening the 'Edit Task' screen.


Home --> Maintenance --> Tasks Due --> Search --> Edit --> Approve


The above allows for the user with required level of permission to approve a task when the Work Order is being closed.


An 'Approved Task' will show an 'Approved By' name.






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