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Maintenance History

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The Maintenance History screen displays the history of a maintenance item in descending chronological order, which can be sorted in either direction.

The history includes the work carried out, the reason for the work being carried out, who completed the task, the time taken to complete the task, optional entry is the cost incurred to complete the task, counter at overhaul (where applicable), fuel at overhaul (where applicable), classification survey information, whether the schedule was reset, the name of the user entering the data and when the data was entered.


The history of an item can be view from the Tasks screen when closing a Work Order, viewing a report or by using the Drill Down method as follows:


Home --> Maintenance --> Task --> Vessel --> System --> Sub System --> Maintenance Item --> Task --> tap History icon on the bottom toolbar


The initial History screen displays up to 20 of the latest records.  Should a full history be required, tap the 'All' icon at the bottom toolbar to download and view the full history.


On each e-mailed Work Order, the last record of history (if there is one) is also included in the e-mailed Work Order for the users reference.



Editing History:

Depending on the user permission level and the preset interval to allow editing, editing is achieved by tapping to open a popup and tapping the 'Edit' tile. An edit screen will open and the required edits can then be carried out and saved.











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