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Deferred Items

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Home --> Maintenance --> Defer


View Maintenance Currently Deferred:


The Deferred Maintenance page is accessed Home --> Maintenance --> Defer.

Deferred maintenance, on reaching its 'deferred to date', its status will automatically return to normal.



Pop-Up Defer Warning:


Depending on the Utility Edit settings, a pop-up Defer warning could also be displayed.

If there is maintenance currently deferred, this will be indicated by a notification displayed for 6 seconds when the Maintenance screen opens.

This notification can be disabled from the Setup screen, depending on the user's permission level, as follows: 

Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Utility Edit --> Select Entity -->Disable Item Defer Pop Up --> Yes



Cancelling an Item's Defer:


A Deferred Item can be cancelled by raising a Work Order.



How to Defer Maintenance:


Maintenance can only be deferred if the following conditions are met:


a.  Maintenance Item is flagged to permit deferring

b.  User has the required permissions.

c.  No Work Order outstanding for the Maintenance Item to be deferred.  If there is a Work Order, close it and ensure that the 'Reset Schedule' slider (near the top) is set to 'No' before saving.


See Schedule Change for changing the deferring flag.


The maximum period permitted for deferring is preset and can be edited on the Utility Edit screen.

Home --> Maintenance --> Setup --> Utility Edit --> Select Entity --> Days Allowed for Defer (max 2008)






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