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Easy PMS Mobile Overview


Easy PMS Mobile is a software package used for the planning, recording and reporting of maintenance for either single or multiple vessels. Easy PMS Mobile is a cross-platform, multi-user, paperless planned maintenance software package that only requires only an internet connection. The software package supports IE10, Chrome, Firefox and Opera latest browsers and on tablets Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iPhone and iPad (iOS5/6) and Android 4.


Being HTML5 compliant, Easy PMS Mobile can be accessed by any modern mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer with internet access (no special apps are required).



The Easy PMS program concept has been designed by seagoing staff, both deck and engineering.  When fully utilised, it is a tool as distinct from being a stick.  The program evolved over a few years as the ISM Code was originally implemented.  Seagoing staff recommendations were implemented to make the ever increasing tasks and reporting easier to achieve.  As a result tag outs required, tools required, history of the task to be performed, alerts to access Service Letters, Service Reports, Company Forms, Calibration Reports etc are also included on a Work Order.


The Easy PMS program observes the principles of 'plan what to do', 'assess the plan', 'carry out the plan' and 'record and report the results'.


With a simple and easy user interface, Maintenance Projections, Work Orders and Reports are easily generated.  Scheduling is based on either calendar intervals, equipment counters, fuel consumption or a combination of each and also fixed dates.


In conjunction with a Safety Management program, Easy PMS assists in achieving safe practices in vessel operations and the provision of a safe and efficient working environment.






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