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Reading Reports

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Home --> Maintenance --> Reports --> tap or select a custom period


The maintenance reports are displayed in ascending or descending chronological order and along with the Vessel name and the other headings, can be also sorted in either direction.  To filter the displayed reports, tap the Search icon and enter a search keyword (note: search is case-sensitive).  To clear the filter, left click the X icon in the search box.


A maintenance report includes the following information in a tabular format:

          Date the work was completed

          Name of Vessel

          System to which the maintenance item belongs

          The maintenance item title

          Description of work carried out

          Name of person who completed the task


By tapping on the item, a pop-up displays: W

          Work Order Number used to initiate the maintenance task

          Reason for the maintenance

          Counters at time of overhaul

          An indication as to whether the schedule was reset

          The next fixed date (if required)          

          Notification if a surveyor is required at next maintenance (e.g. If C/E certified for CMS)

          Next survey date

          Hours it took to complete the task

          Job cost for the maintenance item as entered by the user

          User who enter the information

          Date and time the user entered the information


Tapping the respective tile give access to the Task and the items History.




Depending on the users permission level, editing and deleting of history is also available.




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